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Why is My Video Marketing Not Working?!

Ah, video marketing. It‘s like the Great British Bake Off of the digital world: everyone‘s giving it a go, but not everyone‘s sponge is rising. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and possibly your marketing budget into creating what you thought was the crème de la crème of videos, only to find it’s gone down like a lead balloon. Before you throw in the towel and decide that perhaps video marketing is just not your cup of tea, let‘s have a natter about where things might have gone pear-shaped.

1. Strategy? What Strategy?

Diving into video marketing without a plan is like setting off on a road trip without a map. You might have a laugh along the way, but you’ll likely end up lost in the Lake District without a signal. A clear strategy is your sat nav to success.

2. Mobile Optimisation: The Forgotten Hero

If your video isn’t optimised for mobile, you’re essentially ignoring half your audience as they squint and pinch-to-zoom like they’re trying to decipher the Rosetta Stone on a Nokia 3310.

3. Creativity: Missing in Action

Your video has less personality than a tea biscuit. Remember, creativity is the sugar in your tea; without it, you’re just not as sweet.

4. Tone Deaf

If your video’s tone is more mismatched than socks on laundry day, you’ll struggle to resonate with your audience. It’s about finding the right balance, like a perfectly mixed gin and tonic.

5. The Keyword Conundrum

Forgetting to use keywords is like forgetting your wellies at Glastonbury; you won’t get very far. SEO is your friend, even in the video world.

6. Social Media: The Wallflower

Not sharing your video on social media is akin to throwing a party and forgetting to send the invites. How do you expect people to show up?

7. Expecting Hollywood on a Shoestring

Thinking your video will look like a blockbuster on a budget tighter than a Scotsman’s wallet? Time to get real. Authenticity wins the race.

8. The Missing CTA

A video without a call-to-action is like fish and chips without vinegar. It just leaves you wanting more.

9. Quality Quandaries

Poor video quality is as appealing as a rainy summer holiday in Skegness. Don’t skimp on the visuals.

10. One Size Fits None

Using the same video format across all platforms is like wearing wellies to a wedding. Tailor your content, folks.

11. Keyword Stuffing: The Video Edition

Jamming keywords into your video like sardines in a tin won’t do you any favours. Keep it natural.

12. Ignoring the Power of a Natter

Social media isn’t just for sharing cat memes; it’s a goldmine for video engagement. Don‘t be shy; get chatting.

13. Unrealistic Expectations

Expecting your video to compete with the BBC‘s budget? Let‘s not get ahead of ourselves. Keep it real and relatable.

14. The Long and Winding Road

Making your video longer than a queue at the post office is a surefire way to lose viewers. Keep it short and sweet.

15. Message Mishmash

Trying to say too much