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Helen Charlton

Strategic Business Development Manager | Modulex Group

I approached Matt for some last minute support with the Warrington Inspiration Awards. Despite the tight deadline and demands from my team Matt offered 5 star service and produced work to an exceptional standard. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt. Thank you for making our event extra special.

David Lewis

Owner | Central Self Drive

Most people watch tv and look at actors and think I could do that job. I’m not one of those people. I freeze in front of cameras, hate my voice and have never taken a decent photo of myself! Mats relaxed approach helped me ease into been on film & in front of a camera. He’s done several camera days now for us over the years. He’s been really flexible and accommodating if we have had to cancel or change ideas last minute. Overall, friendly, relaxed, great equipment, eye for detail, thinks outside the box. What more could we ask for. Thanks matt.

360 md media

We believe in the power of simple, emotional, and insightful content

The way we do things.

At MD Media, we tackle conventional storytelling with the aid of cutting-edge technology and a touch of cinematic flair. Our expertise lies in meticulously crafting each project to resonate with the unique narrative of your brand. With a keen eye for the subtle artistry in every frame, we transform mere visuals into poignant narratives that linger.

Embarking on a journey with MD Media is about embracing a collaborative spirit, where your vision is the bedrock of our creative endeavor. We believe in the power of simple, emotional, and insightful content that strikes a chord with audiences. As architects of visual storytelling, we are committed to illuminating your brand’s narrative in the most engaging and evocative manner.


Our recent work.

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Dive Project Cornwall


Dr. Gustavo Perez RecoPharma


Lund University, Sweden




Advanced Isotopic Analysis, France


Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia