Lund University, Sweden

Solmaz HaJizadeh | Lund University, Sweden.

Secondment in the UK.

Recopharma Project, EU. (Horizon2020)

Solmaz Hajizadeh, a senior scientist with a PhD in biotechnology, discusses her involvement in a project at Lund university’s Department of Chemistry.

The project focuses on creating a specialized absorbent for removing pharmaceuticals from water and wastewater, known as molecularly imprinted particles. A pilot plant utilizing this technology has been established in Kuba, representing a significant achievement of the project. Solmaz emphasizes the potential to scale this solution for use in wastewater treatment plants or directly in hospitals to intercept and neutralize toxic drugs, thereby preventing them from polluting water bodies.

Lund university.

Solmaz Hajizadeh | RecoPharma.

Advanced Isotopic Analysis, France


Dive Project Cornwall


“Pavement” – 2019


Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia