Video Production for Your Horizon Europe Project

Are you leading a Horizon Europe project looking to create compelling videos?

Partnering with the right video production company can help you effectively communicate your project’s impact and results.

Finding a Video Partner That Fits Your Project
With so many production studios to choose from, it’s essential to find the right fit for a EU funded initiative. Here’s what to look for:
  • Experience creating science and research videos. You need a team used to distilling complex ideas into engaging footage.
  • Storytelling prowess. An outdated informercial won’t cut it. You need memorable videos that bring your project to life.
  • Professional equipment and editing. Quality filming gear and post-production are a must for polished results.
  • Budget-conscious rates. Get the most value by finding a studio willing to work within your budget.
Impactful Video Content for Horizon Europe Projects
Once you choose a partner, what videos should you produce? Consider these compelling options:
  • Project Overviews. Use an introductory video to summarize your mission, partners and activities.
  • Research Insights. Have your scientists share key learnings and innovations on camera.
  • Results Demos. Show your end products or discoveries in action through demos.
  • Testimonials. Client and community feedback videos lend credibility.
  • Behind-the-Scenes. Take viewers into labs, field work and other daily activities.
  • Event Coverage. Document your conferences, experiments and milestones.
  • Interviews. Feature conversations with project leaders and experts.

We’re an AI-driven video production and image manipulation platform that simplifies content creation, empowers creativity, and elevates businesses and individuals to new heights of storytelling and visual expression.

Why Video Is Invaluable for Horizon Europe

Here are the top benefits:
  • Engages diverse audiences across Europe and beyond.
  • Brings complex research to life through storytelling.
  • Highlights results and progress in an accessible, exciting way.
  • Builds awareness and support for your initiative.
  • Enhances your online presence and discoverability.
  • Communicates your impact in a memorable, shareable format.

For Horizon Europe projects, compelling video is a must for dissemination. But it’s crucial to find an experienced video partner. They’ll help you produce content that showcases your work and inspires audiences.

To explore visual storytelling for your Horizon Europe initiative, contact our video experts today. Let’s create videos together that showcase your groundbreaking project that will reach beyond just the scientific community. 

Video Production Plus AI-Powered Translation

Our video team doesn’t just produce stellar content – we can also translate your videos to reach broader audiences. Using advanced AI technology, we provide:
  • Multi-language subtitles – Add readable subtitles in the languages of your choice.
  • Voiceover dubbing – We can dub new voice recordings so it sounds like speakers are talking in different languages.
  • AI synthetic voice dubbing – Our AI can generate synthetic voices that mimic the original speaker’s voice while translating content.
  • AI lip-sync dubbing – Using deepfake technology, we can synthesize mouth movements to match foreign translations, for truly seamless results.

This integrated video translation service ensures your content crosses language barriers to engage viewers around the world.

Why AI-Powered Translation is Ideal for Horizon Europe

For globally collaborative Horizon Europe projects, AI translation enables:
  • Wider dissemination across Europe’s many languages at low cost.
  • Smooth editing of materials for international audiences.
  • Consistent messaging and branding across translations.
  • Quick turnaround of content into any language needed.
  • High-quality synthetic voices and lip-sync for a natural viewing experience.
  • With built-in AI translation, our video production empowers your research to be understood and appreciated worldwide. We help facilitate knowledge-sharing on a global scale.
Our Horizon Europe video services include seamless AI translation, taking your content farther. Let’s discuss how we can help your project make an impact through regional storytelling and multi-language videos!

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